Pray With Us

Nothing is accomplished without prayer; and nothing is impossible with it.  The purpose of this page is simply to allow anyone in the community to post their prayers for this ministry and the people it is intended to reach.

As you are led, simply post your short and simple prayer in the form of a comment.  Thanks in advance for your prayer!

2 Replies to “Pray With Us”

  1. Father, thank you for giving me (and many others) a passion for the birth and development of your people. I am weak but you are strong; use me and the people who call to step forward to build a community that will strengthen the ‘core’, develop the ‘fringe’, and call your people from the ‘world’. May we all be blessed as we strive to simply seek You and follow You in all things.

  2. Father, we ask that You would use this ministry to touch lives! Let Your presence rest on John as he facilitates the site. We ask that You would speak to every man and woman who utilizes this site- reveal Yourself, Your character, Your goodness, Your heart for Your children…

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