Be a Partner with SeqHim
Be a Partner with SeqHim

In many ways, SeqHim is a unique Christian ministry. For while it is not intended to be an online “church”, it is a community of disciples and disciplemakers. Whether this community is bound by blog posts, discussion forums, wiki, or other online functions, it it is first and foremost a community.

One of the most prevalent themes of the Bible is community. While the intent here is not to deep dive on biblical community (that’s another post for another day), I do want to make one point: that inherant in community is a sense of partnership. That is, there is some common goal that we are all equally contributing some level of resource toward. Building projects of the Old Testament are good examples of this. People gave sacrificially of their time, skills, materials, and even lives for the common goal of building the tabernacle, temple, and even the walls of Jerusalem. They were partners in this common goal. They felt part of it, and they gave of themselves toward it.

The New Testament pattern is similar. The goals shifted from the building of physical places to the building of the Kingdom itself. People gave sacrificially of their time, skills, materials, and even their lives for the common goal of building the Kingdom of which Christ is Lord. Again, they were partners in this common goal. They felt part of it, and they gave all of themselves toward it.

I’m not asking you to donate your time, money, skills, or anything else to SeqHim. I’m asking you to embark on Kingdom-building mission ordained by God himself. I’m asking if you are one who God has led to SeqHim to help build the Kingdom through it. If so, you are not a donor…you are a partner.

My prayer is that each of you who read these words and are compelled by the Spirit to join the mission are obedient to Him. Are you to contribute to the discussion? Are you to provide feedback on the ministry? Are you to give of your financial resources? Are you to disciple someone? Are you to be a more obedient disciple yourself? Are you to use your gifts to build the Kingdom through SeqHim in ways that have not even been thought of yet?

Dream big, and get engaged. How, you ask? Let me give you three simple yet powerful ways.

First, engage the community. Reply to blog posts and subsequent discussions. Use the “contact” link at the top to send me a personal email telling me what you like or don’t like about the ministry. Make yourself known. Encourage all of us in the Spirit.

Second, make disciples. Are you following Christ closely? If not, use SeqHim as a resource to follow him more closely. Are you working with someone to help them grow in Christ? If not, let me or the community know how we can help get you one. Are you sharing your faith and calling people to follow Jesus? If not, again let us know how we can help.

Third, give financially. Currently, SeqHim is supported by one person (me) who also has a demanding full-time job and a large young family. Nonetheless, I am compelled to press forward as aggressively as possible for as long as the Lord leads. But, there will be a cap to what we can accomplish unless God raises enough funding to bring on a full-time staff. Have you appreciated what you have seen so far from SeqHim? Will you help us put the pieces in place to expand our Kingdom building efforts? If so, click here for more information. We need you to be a financial partner to make this dream a reality.

Lastly, I’ll add that I’m open to all private feedback. If you have ideas, encouragement, criticism…anything at all that you want to express personally…I would love to hear it.

With the Love of Christ,

John Reeves

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