SeqHim has entered into a partnership with a 501(c) 3 organization called Globe Outreach.  This partnership is significant for a number of reasons, most important is the synergy that the two organizations have with regard to spreading the gospel and equipping those that choose to follow Christ.

In addition to the support both organizations are able to provide one another on a common Christ-ordained mission, SeqHim is able to accept tax-deductible donations without bearing the burden of establishing a formal non-profit organization.

From a donor perspective, all this means is that you may send SeqHim donations to Globe Outreach, with ‘SeqHim’ noted in the memo portion of your check, and 95% of your donation will go directly to SeqHim.  Globe Outreach retains 5% to cover administration costs, which is significantly less than the administration costs that would be incurred without the partnership.

If the mission of SeqHim has captured your heart, and the Lord is leading you to partner with us financially, you may do so by making your tax-deductible check or money order payable to Globe Outreach and including ‘SeqHim’ in the memo section of the check

Please send your donation to the following address:

Globe Outreach
P.O. Box 578
Colleyville, TX 76034
United States

Additional details of how your donation is handled may be obtained from

Thank you so much for your contribution.  I’m looking forward to seeing how God multiplies your financial faithfulness in this ministry and rewards your generosity with treasure in Heaven.

John Reeves

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