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So, you have scouted out this site a bit and are intrigued enough to click on a link demanding your involvement?  Great, we need lots of help!  Here are some ideas…

First, if you believe this is a God-honoring mission, simply pray quietly right here and now a very simple prayer…something along the lines of:

Father, may you build and stregthen this community of believers.  May you use it as a tool to support one another, draw the ‘fringe’ back into the core through courageous and effective discipleship, and call out your people from the world by the proclaimation of the gospel followed by personal and effective discipleship.

If you have prayed this, you’ve already done enough!  But, if you want to be part of this going forward, please consider the following…

Pray again, and again, and again.  One of the amazing things to me about God is how he asks us to pester him.  I hate it when my kids pester me, but God encourages it with His children.  Let’s pester him, constantly crying out to Him to build his Kingdom and use the SeqHim community as one tool to do that.  You can even log your prayer here as an encouragement to others in the community.

Engage the community.  Make your voice heard by replying to the blog posts and other content.  Subscribe to RSS or email syndications of the content.  Write me personally for any reason at all.  It will either be an encouragement or taken as constructive criticism..either of which are infinately more effective than silence.

Spread the word.  Know people who would be interested in joining this community.  Pass the URL along to them!

Partner with us Financially.  Is the Lord leading you to give financially to this ministry?  If so, you may do so here.

Keep and eye out for further requests.  There are many other needs that will be coming down the pipe.  Eventually, we will be looking for committed disciple-makers (what we’re calling ‘faith coaches’ for the time being), guidance developers (people who know what resources are best for personal discipleship and how to coach other disciple-makers on how to use them effectively), software developers (and other technical staff), and many others.  If there is something you are specially gifted to do and want to use that gift for this ministry, please let me know (

Thank you in advance for supporting us in anyway God leads.

2 Replies to “Get Involved!”

  1. cool site John… a long time in the making to see your concept coming to life and virtually now too! I didn’t know you were headed in this direction but it makes sense. I’m excited to see where it goes and join the journey! I can think of nothing more important for a Christian seeking Christ to beomce than a disciple. In light of the great commission, I think ideally our Christian lives should be filled with discipling of all sorts (i.e. ourselves, our spouses, children, families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and more!) Talk to you soon (and maybe you can pop in for wed. morning one of these days too, say hi and update us on all this).

    God Bless,

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