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sequi (latin): ‘to follow’

‘Seq’ is pronounced ’seek’; therefore, the ministry name is pronounced like ’seek him’.  ‘Seq’ is short for ’sequi’, which means ‘to follow’ in latin.  Therefore, the name also means ‘follow him’.  Hence, the ministry tag line and our mission:

Helping others to seek and follow Jesus Christ

I describe three kinds of people in some of the earliest postings on this blog: ‘world’, ‘fringe’ and ‘core’.  The ‘core’ are genuine, active, Spirit-indwelt believers in Jesus Christ; the ‘world’ are those that do not profess faith in Jesus Christ; and the ‘fringe’ are those that profess faith in Jesus Christ but based on their knowledge, beliefs, and behavior, they look more like the ‘world’ than the ‘core’.

A one page summary for SeqHim mission, approach and principles for individuals
A one page summary for SeqHim mission, approach and principles for individuals

SeqHim is here to build, organize, encourage, and support a community of core believers whose mission is to …

  • … identify, strengthen and support one another
  • … move people from the ‘fringe’ to the ‘core’ by intentionally discipling them.
  • … move people from the ‘world’ to the ‘core’ by sharing the gospel and then intentionally discipling them.

SeqHim is an independent ministry started by John Reeves during the sping of 2009.  You can read more about me (John) below.  This ministry is an outpouring of my heart, skills, experiences, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit. 

It is my prayer this this ministry will be a blessing to all who come across it.  May God bless you richly in all things!

About John Reeves

In this section, I’d like to provide a little info on my background and why I’m taking time out of my life to start SeqHim.John Reeves

I became a believer in Jesus Christ at a very young age and went through the same ups and downs that most followers of Christ go through.  In recent years, the Lord has given me a heart for discipleship…that is, the act of helping other believers increase their knowledge of God, comform their character to that of Christ’s, and transform the way the way they live their lives in His name.

Early in this calling to discipleship, I focused most of my time and energy on small groups.  The small group concept, used very effectively overseas, caught fire in the United States as a way to help large churches “become small”.  They were seen as the best way to develop biblical community, especially in the context of a large church getting larger.  However, my interest in small groups had always been their ability to develop connections that ultimately help people grow in Christ…not connections simply for the sake of helping people feel like they ‘belong’.

Out of several years of leading small groups, coaching small group leaders, and helping churches start small group ministries, I have made a key observation:

small groups themselves do not promote Christian growth; if growth is promoted within a small group, it is because someone in that group connected with someone else in that group and challenged them in some way. 

Hence, my conclusion was that…

small groups are good for creating & nurturing one-on-one connections, but it is the one-on-one connections that cause the growth…not the small group.

Today, I’m focused on helping believers connect with other believers for the purpose of growing in Christ…that is, becoming more like him in what we know, what we think, and what we do.  SeqHim is the label I have given to this ministry.

SeqHim will rise and fall on three things, IMO.  First, the Holy Spirit.  Second, the leadership the Holy Spirit appoints and fills for this task.  Third, the community of ‘core’ believers the Holy Spirit calls to make this happen. 

If any of these three are missing, this dream of a global unified focused Kingdom building community will not happen.  That means that you…yes you…will make the difference. 

Is the Spirit calling you to support this ministry in some way?  Keep following along, be encouraged and stregthened yourself, engage the discussion, consider a financial investment in the Kingdom through SeqHim.  If you have other ideas, please let me know…comment on this page, or send me an email.  I’m deeply encouraged by any kind of feedback!

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