Every Spiritual Blessing

graceDid you know, believer, that the Father has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places? Maybe you do not feel like you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing today, but according to Ephesians 1:3, it is true. Sometimes we have to believe things we can’t feel simply because our Father says it is true. Maybe the issue is that you don’t know what every spiritual blessing even means. Thankfully, Paul goes on in Ephesians 1 to provide some examples of these blessings.

First of all, in verse 4, He chose us. Who did he choose? He chose “us in Him”…he chose believers in Christ. If you believe in Christ, you are chosen. When did he choose you? He chose you “before the foundation of the world”. Ponder this…before the world was even made, God knew you; he chose you; he identified you as special. And for what purpose does God choose us? He chooses us for the purpose of making us “holy and blameless before him”. You are spiritually blessed with holiness and perfection in the eyes of the Father through Christ.

Verse 5 goes on to add that we who were predestined (another way to say that we were chosen before the foundation of the world) were adopted as sons. Not everyone is a child of God, contrary to popular belief, but you are if you believe in Christ. We have been grafted into the family; God is our Father; Jesus is our brother and friend.

Grace is mentioned as a blessing in verse 6. Grace is God’s blessing to those who do not deserve it. “Every spiritual blessing” is only possible because of God’s grace; however, verse 7 identifies two more important pillars of these blessings: redemption and forgiveness. We have been redeemed from the lost, and we have been forgiven of all sin…past, present and future.

But Paul does not stop here…he goes on in verse 9 to talk about the blessing of knowing the mystery of God’s will, that is, the gospel itself. The gospel had been a mystery up until the time of Christ, and now God has shared that mystery with us as a spiritual blessing.

Did you know that as part of God’s family we have an inheritance? This is the blessing of verse 11…an inheritance due when Jesus returns and all of God’s promises are fulfilled. But can we depend on this inheritance? How do we know God will deliver such an inheritance? We know because He has provided an earnest…a down payment…a pledge in the Holy Spirit. Verses 13 and 14 reveal how the Spirit in our life is only a taste of how we will live with God in eternity. If this is a taste, I can’t wait for the fullness of this relationship!

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