What does SeqHim Value?

Thus far we’ve talked a bit about what SeqHim believes and some guiding principles. This is the third and final post in this mini-series related to our frame of mind as SeqHim is being formed before your eyes. Today, we’ll discuss what we value. That is, what is important or valuable to SeqHim? At the end of the day, what matters most with respect to this ministry’s mission?

Let us now give you some thoughts. We’re not trying to boil the ocean; there are lots of “values” we could include here. But, we wanted to crisply reference the top four values that will be most important to this ministry going forward.


What we believe about God matters. The Christian life absolutely must include a deep understanding of Scripture, a firm grasp of biblical doctrine, and a strong unified belief in essential doctrine. It seems to be en vogue these days to eschew doctrine in favor of just “doing what Jesus would do”. But, how can you know what Jesus would do unless you understand the doctrine that he taught? SeqHim considers doctrine to be of foundational importance for without it, we cannot have a faith in the genuine Jesus Christ.


What we do in this world matters. It is not enough to simply believe certain doctrines to follow Christ. We must actually follow Him…that is, we must obey Him. And, sometimes this is very difficult and costly to do. We are Holy, and God expects us to act Holy. We are ambassadors of Christ, and we must represent him as He is. We have been changed, and we must no longer act as if we are still sinners. Our behavior in this world matters, and we must control it to please God through genuine faith.


Who we are in the inside matters. Believing certain doctrines and acting a certain way is important, but it is again vital that our righteous doctrine and behavior be a reflection of a righteous character. Our internal attitudes and thoughts…our unseen actions…must be as righteous as our external behaviors and the things we say we believe. Adultery is about more than physical activity; it is internal lust. Murder is about more than a physical activity; it is internal hatred. To please God, our faith must be genuine enough to change not only our doctrine and behavior but our character as well.


How we relate to God and others matters. Doctrine, obedience, and character are exercised only in the context of relationships. Of primary importance is our relationship with God, and of secondary importance is our relationship with other people. Key to building both is what we believe, what we do, and what we think. Know doctrine, obey God, and conform your thoughts to His; by doing this, you will strengthen your relationship with God. And by strengthening you relationship with God in this way, your relationships with others will be blessed.

In the end, SeqHim considers doctrine, obedience, character, and relationship to be the ministry’s top four values. There are many others we could discuss, but we think these are the most important ones.

We would love to hear your feedback on these, or just tell us what your core values are!

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