Today’s Changes

I spent my time today polishing up some of the meta data for this site, preparing it for a broader launch in the next several days.  Updating the about pages, adding a few internal links, etc.  Certainly not done with this, but I expect to get back to the main topic tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I continue to pray for you all daily (yes, I really do…not just saying that) in your efforts to genuinely follow Christ and help others to do the same!

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  1. John keep up the good work. God’s work is so awesome and it’s encouraging that you are diligently pressing into what he has commissioned us to do. “Go and make disciples of all nations” We come up short when the church is only designed to lead someone to Christ. There has to be a next step in place. There are too many to count that have been led to Christ only to slide back to the flesh because there wasn’t someone there to stand beside them and help lead them deep into God’s truths and commands. Many only receive a surface level taste of God’s divine nature only to be sucked backed into the corruption of the world and it’s lust. The church and we as individuals have to do a better job to take our commissioning seriously. We need to be completely obedient to what has been asked of us. We have to re-evaluate this seeker friendly approach that looks great on the outside with great growing numbers but has no deep-rooted followers. Here is a cool thing about God’s Kingdom: It takes disciples to make disciples. He needs us, uses us and works through us to carry out his awesome plan.
    I do believe real growth can occur in small group settings though. I think if groups are designed in the right way and the leaders of those groups are trained the right way depth can occur. I have been a part of that type of group before where it’s beyond surface level, the leader is not afraid to make tough challenges… a small group where a setting is created to promote confession and healing. I bring that up only to address the issue of how are we going to do this. The harvest is plentiful and the harvesters are few. I think small groups have to be used in conjunction with small groups that are designed to go deep. I think a big challenge is having enough disciples to make disciples. The church is like the economy we are in a correction phase. The seeker friendly approach to church (don’t get me wrong A LOT of good things have come from it) has left a deficiency in enough core followers to guide those on the fringe. We have concentrated so much on how to get people in the church we have neglected what to do with them once they are there. Being a Christ follower goes well beyond Sunday and seeking him goes well beyond the Sunday “talk”.

    Now that I have beat to death the problem, I look forward to being a part of the solution. Let’s go!

  2. I have to make a correction: When addresing the effectiveness of small groups I meant to say: I think faith coaching relationships have be used in conjunction with small groups that are designed to go deep. vs I think small groups have to be used in conjunction with small groups that are designed to go deep.

    Thank you for grace!

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