What does today’s inauguration teach us about the need for discipleship?

I think it has less to do with who is being inaugurated than with the perspective that the ‘fringe’ (see my last post) currently has…a perspective that has led to the decision the we have made together as a country.  The fringe seems to have bought into the world’s idea that any change brings hope.  The very fact that we’re changing is what gives us hope.  In this way, the ‘fringe’ is being conformed to the way the ‘world’ thinks.

I believe the ‘core’ would disagree with this idea; the core would argue that change may or may not be good for the country, the world and for the Church.  It all depends on how well that change aligns with Biblical principles.  If the change is toward Biblical principles, then yes, on the basis that our hope is in Christ we can say that change is good.  But, if the change is away from Biblical principles, then what “hope” do we really have?  Hope in ourselves is false hope.

Why then is discipleship important?  In my view, one-on-one relationships between those in the core and those in the fringe whose purpose is to help build biblical principles into the practical lives of both is the most effective way of conforming the norms of the Church to those of Christ and preventing them from taking on the norms of the world which run contrary to God’s desire of blessing for us. 

In future posts, I’ll continue to drill into how we can work together on this.

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